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On the deck of AIDA IV

Based on an agreement between the marine school of Manar University of Tripoli (MUT) and the Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport, the sea training institute invited the faculty members of the MUT to spend 2 hours on board of the Egyptian ship AIDA IV in Tripoli port, Lebanon on the afternoon of 14 December, 2011.

Egyptian AIDA! Photo (C) Ibrahim Chalhoub
Egyptian AIDA! Photo (C) Ibrahim Chalhoub

podcast_aida_iv.mp3 Podcast_Aida_IV.mp3  (369.4 Ko)

An official reception was held upon the arrival of the MUT faculty. It was conducted by the music section of the team of cadets on board of the ship. A sign carrying a welcome note was raised over the side close to the harbor.

After the special welcome, everybody was invited to a drink on board of the ship followed by words from the captain as well as from the president of the university, Dr. Sami Minkara who offered the university hauberk to the crew.

All the way down the steep stairs into the lower parts of the ship, a feast was prepared by the ship top chefs including all forms of seafood along with Egyptian-style turkey and meat. The drinks were arranged in the form of the Lebanese Cedar surrounded by 2 anchors in tribute to the country the ship was visiting.

Cadets took the group of MUT instructors in a tour all over the ship showing the different parts and apparels and explaining their day-to-day life on board.
At the end, farewells were mainly centered about a promise of coming back as soon as possible.

Check out the slideshow from AIDA IV below

Photos (C) Ibrahim Chalhoub
Music: Under the Stairs from the album Breadcrumbs by Josh Woodward

Par le 17/12/2011

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