ACCRA, GHANA, September 10, 2009 - Laureus World Sports Academy member Marcel Desailly, the French football legend who was born in Ghana and has now returned to live in Accra, received an ecstatic welcome from hundreds of young Ghanians as he visited a Laureus-supported OrphanAid Africa project in Ayeniah.

Desailly, who was joined on the visit by Dr Edwin Moses, the Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy, met the Ayeniah community elders and project volunteers before taking part in football and basketball sessions with the young people. Desailly is a major supporter of OrphanAid Africa and became a Patron of the organisation in 2005. The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation also announced its support for OrphanAid Africa last year.

OrphanAid Africa is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana to grow up in a safe, permanent and loving family setting with care and protection. OrphanAid believes that sport can help at risk children and provides a variety of sports activities, led by trained coaches, for the inhabitants of Ayeniah community, just 45 minutes from Accra, and the foster children in the surrounding area.

Marcel Desailly said: "Three years ago I met Lisa Lovatt-Smith who runs the project. She persuaded me to go and see it and when I did I knew immediately I wanted to get involved. I decided to raise money for food and medecine for the children, but I also realised the need for a sport element at the project, as I saw good potential in the children. All kids deserve a chance to be able to play sport. Sport gave me so much in my life, this is all about what I can give back to these children."

And Laureus Chairman Edwin Moses said: “From a personal point of view, because I have traced my roots back to Ghana, every set of eyes I look into could be a relative. This is my first visit to Ghana and it has been very sentimental. I am particularly happy to be here with Marcel, who is the driving force behind this visit. Most of the kids here live outside a family situation, and I hope we can inspire them.”

There are many orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana in need of care as a result of the HIV/AIDs epidemic and the increase of rural-to-urban migration. OrphanAid Africa assists the families, communities, organisations and government departments charged with their care.

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