Dubai, UAE – November 24th, 2008 – mCarbon and MCTEL announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership to provide Advanced Call & Data Management (ADCM) Solutions to mobile operators in Near East Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

In an environment of ever decreasing voice and data prices, competitive forces in the market are forcing mobile operators to review their business models and provide differentiated service offerings which at the same time offset their declining margins. Where no new ‘killer services’ are on the horizon, operators have gone back to their traditional cash generating services, voice and messaging, and are analyzing ways to inject additional value on top of these traditional services to lift the dipping curve of declining margins.

It seems that the answer lies in the way mobile subscribers are living their lives today. Traditional voice and data services are being adapted to the lifestyles of the individual. In a world where always on connectivity has become an uncomfortable part of life for most mobile subscribers, mCarbon and MCTEL have analyzed subscriber trends to build voice and messaging control solutions that give the control back to the end subscriber on how, when and where users need to be connected.
With mCarbon and MCTEL ADCM solution, a mobile user can now screen and schedule incoming calls and text messages to filter out spammers, non-business related communication during meetings and auto reply to incoming text messages during flights. There is no limit to the type of profile that can be created all under the control of the end user who can use traditional provisioning modes of web, sms, wap or IVR to create their own specific profile.
"If I am in a meeting, then I may only wish to receive calls only from a closed user group of business clients and emergency numbers like my children’s school and for all other calls and text messages, I would like to reply with a voice message (for voice calls) or text message (for SMS) to inform the incoming caller or SMS sender that I am unable to attend to their call or text because I am in a meeting but I will be available in one hour. Previously, I would have had to either ignored the incoming call or message, send a busy tone to the incoming caller, or disrupt the meeting to answer the call to inform the caller that I am in a meeting or send a text during the meeting to inform the sender that I am unavailable. With ADCM from mCarbon and MCTEL, I can set a ‘meeting’ profile for myself and apply a blacklist and Whitelist of numbers to the profile. This provides a more enriched experience to me and my callers" – Says Rajesh Razdan, Executive Director of mCarbon.
The power of ADCM comes from the ability of the solution to apply subscriber specified service logic to traditional voice and data services in real time. Both mCarbon and MCTEL have developed industry leading technology that places intrusion points in the call and message path which upon triggering invokes this service logic for further processing.
“The service applies to all users and one popular application is parental control. Parents can now create a profile with their children defining only a closed user group of numbers that are allowed to text or call their children. For text messages, the ADCM solution has the ability to detect adult related content and block the delivery of these messages to children. The advanced monitoring of the ADCM system will inform the mobile operator of rogue or undesirable phone numbers such that they can be placed on a global list to segregate these users from the normal path and to further monitor their activity before taking appropriate action. The control is therefore for the user and for the operator. ” – Says Dr. Daniel Mavrakis, CEO of MCTEL.

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