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Eight young explorers have now been chosen to join Mike Horn in New Zealand. The mission: To participate in the Young Explorer Programme (YEP): EXPLORE – LEARN – ACT

Château-d’Oex, Switzerland, 21 January 2009 – the eight young explorers who will join Mike Horn during his stage in New Zealand in May 2009, have been selected today after a 10 day selection camp.

The aim of this new expedition of Mike Horn, a four year expedition around the world by sea and land, is to reunite the continents with an important environmental message. Using young adults from all corners of the planet, Pangaea’s Expedition message can be relayed around the entire world.

Sixteen young adults have participated in the second YEP selection camp in Château d’Oex, Switzerland. Eight of these 16 candidates were selected by the Mike Horn Team, and their decisions were based on the feedback from the mountain guides and speakers who participated in the camp, as well as the results from the different physical and mental tests done with the specialists from the Mayo Clinic.

These new Pangaea ambassadors are ready to live a unique and important experience in the heart of the nature, and to push back their limits and discover the world in which they live, with the aim of finding solutions to actively preserve the planet for the future generations.

The eight young adults selected are :

Alisa Baranskaya, 20yrs, Russia
Zofia Drapella, 17yrs, Polond
Raphael Gabella, 19yrs, Switzerland
Jun Lee, 17yrs, China
Andrew Lynch, 18yrs, USA
Daniel Maidment, 14yrs, South Africa
Simon Straetker, 15yrs, Germany
Annelies Vanherck, 16, Belgium

These young explorers will join Mike Horn in the Fjords of the South Island of New Zealand. On bord Pangaea, they will study different subjects, such as the salinity and the temperature of water, as well as the marine biodiversity and the different groups of dolphins that inhabit the region. They will also trek for several days through the native bush of the National Forest and discover the local culture through the meetings with the Maoris.

This trip will complete the studies about New Zealand, its culture, climat, geopgraphy and biodiversity, that they had with Dr. Roswitha Stolz from the University of Munich. Other presentations on the environment, sustainability, latest technologies, physical training and communication complemented the rest of the camp.

The eight selected are now ready to engage themselves in the mission that lies ahead of them and to transmit their experience to the rest of the world.

The Mike Horn Team is thrilled at the outcome of the second camp : Martin Horn reports, « We have spent 10 fantastic days with a team of motivated and enthusiastic youths. Our primary objective is to find true ambassadors who will transmit the message of the Pangaea Expedition to the entire world. We congratulate all our young explorers for their energy and engagement.”


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