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Haute Couture : The emergent work of a new japanese designer, Kuriko Oikawa

Par Rédigé le 13/09/2020 (dernière modification le 08/09/2020)

Kuriko Oikawa is a japanese fashion designer and an emergent talent of the business of Haute Couture. By showing her immense creativity, her handwork as well as her ideas, her outfit sells to represent rebel personnality and irony.

Kuriko Oikawa : dress inspired by Victoire de Samothrace . (C) Kuriko Oikawa.
Kuriko Oikawa : dress inspired by Victoire de Samothrace . (C) Kuriko Oikawa.
It is the start as a designer for her. She already proved that being yourself , being a business woman and a designer makes for success in the fashion industry, and in life in general. Undoubtedy Kuriko has experience as she travel for years all over the world, and understanding of global trends and influences. What really makes her stand out from other new comers is her honesty and authenticity she brings to her vision of feminity. Autodidact, her style is built on her signature aesthetic of colors and playful proportions creating feminine, sexy and free of specific code design. It is clear that she has reached a new stage in her carreer and there is no doubt that she now gonna graduated from the rank of emerging talent to etablished designer.

We talk then with Kuriko about her amazing work, her secrets for success and how to find in life the perfect balance.


Kuriko Oikawa : dress inspired by Victoire de Samothrace . (C) Kuriko Oikawa.
Kuriko Oikawa : dress inspired by Victoire de Samothrace . (C) Kuriko Oikawa.
- Kuriko, talk to us more about you ?

Born in Sapporo Japan Started figure skating 6 years old Since when I was little I wanted to be a show skater. I was always love the art side of this sports, wanted to wear pretty costumes, under the spot light . When I was competing my mom made all the skating costumes, she was so good at it. Wearing costumes that made just for me definitely feel so special, feel confident. And I joined Disney on ice after I graduate high school. My family was so understanding that I am not going to college, they were happy that I was able to be a show skater I always wanted. And tour with the show for 8 years.

After I tour for 8 years , I was ready to move on to another chapter. And I was thinking of retirement this year from skating career. So I was just looking for new thing to do, I always wanted to be a art school student, which i didn’t have a chance since I was doing figure skating, I didn’t have time and money while I was doing that. I was originally interested to be a makeup artist, so 3 years ago I when to makeup school, while I was still touring. Used my off time I’m Japan . But I found that it was just for my fun , I wasn’t sure about makeup artist is a new dream job for me. And I was wondering i want to do for a while, and I saw Netflix show call “next in fashion “ And that triggered me something in me, like I made me so excited about it. Nothing else really made me this excited. And that moment I decided what I want to do. And funny thing is this corona virus happened , and I have to come home in March. And I was not actually ready to move on , since school here starts in April so I went to see fashion school near my house , and seems like they are welcoming and I just thought this is just meat to be. So I entered fashion school this April. Since this pandemic school didn’t start right a way, we had online class for a but , but now I am physically going school.

- Kuriko, how did you discover your passion for fashion ?

My passion for fashion To be honest I am not the fashionable person. Since i was little I was busy skating, So I have been wearing, pajama -school uniform -skating clothes - pajama again And after I joined tour you only allowed to carry 2 suite cases and my priorities wasn’t fashionable clothes, my suit case was usually occupied with rice and soy source ahaha But I guess I was always in the environment with pretty costumes and party dress. So what I come up with has lot of fantasies. I am sure I have original world that I can only create, I am excited to learn the techniques so I can make my own clothes
You are amazing
Nobody answer to me that fast!

- What market do want to touch thru your work ?
I just started sawing clothes, and there is so many thing I don’t know about. But I really like high fashion world. I wish to be a tailor and be a part of it. It’s something that makes people feel so special wearing it, just because of that quality, technique,it’s so professional. There is a dram for everyone. I am a show girl and entertainer, so if one day I can experience the world of that high fashion, the excitement, the stress before collections, the drama that is gonna me feel like I am where I belong>

- What is your designer inspiration and what do you think of fashion in Japan ?
I don’t really have a icon, But for me fashion represents rebel and irony. So in Japan you don’t really wear thing that show skin so much. Like I go out side in the summer with my shorts on , but not much people show legs. My part time job told me it’s to much skin showing and company won’t really appreciate that. Of course there is a person dress up crazy here, but I don’t think people here don’t want to stand out by dress up unique. So then I am sarcastic person so I want to do 180. I wanna show people that I gonna do whatever I want to do, even tho I understand what people gonna think of me, I love the challenge Still I follow rule because I don’t want to lose myjob, ahah but it just for someday that I work for what I really want to do

- What is your message thru your fashion vision ?
My message through my work For now I am just liking the learning process, it’s so interesting to do something new ,something that is out of comfortable zone. This year has been tough like every body else ,but making clothes definitely have a place for me , enjoy the time right now and hopefully this gonna take me to somewhere in the future!

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