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Mali: Livestock at risk in the north

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Par Djibrilla Abouzeidi Rédigé le 27/07/2012 (dernière modification le 26/07/2012)

In northern Mali, in the regions of Gao, Kidal and Tessalit, a vast majority of families depend on livestock.

North of Mali

Photo by author.
Photo by author.
The current crisis, the isolation of the area and a poor rainy season strongly complicate an already precarious situation.

By breeders desperate:

In his encampment, Mohamedbreeder of 42 years can no longer cope. His cattle are in much suffering. "The animals began to give birth, they have no pasture. The Feeding stuffs are overpriced and not even available on the market".
Idoual is one of the few veterinarians to be left behind. Without help, without food supplement, without medicines, he's desperate. Clouds of crickets invade the area recently and threatened the animals.

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