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'Measure Ur Treasure' Event

Rédigé le 12/07/2011 (dernière modification le 12/07/2011)

The faculty of travel and tourism of the Manar University of Tripoli (MUT) organized a three days event combining cultural, traditional, as well as artistic activities followed by musical celebrations.

Decorating traditional soap! Photo (c) Ibrahim Chalhoub
Decorating traditional soap! Photo (c) Ibrahim Chalhoub
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The event was a final project for an advanced course entitled “Convention, Exhibitions, and Special Events” run by a group of 6 students of tourism.

The whole proceedings started on Friday 8 July and aimed, according to the name of the event (Measure Ur Treasure), to shed light on the importance of the role of tourism in the city of Tripoli by exposing the artistic and cultural richness of the region. Flyers, billboard ads, invitation cards and announcements through the media targeted the young in order to inform them about the cultural aspects of their city, and thus allow them, in their turn, to be able to reflect their acquired knowledge to their acquaintance. Entry was for free for students, staff, and instructors of MUT and for 1000 Lebanese Pounds (0.5 Euro) for all others, giving access to the different components of the event including food and beverages as well as the musical celebration.

Traditional crafts like Lebanese soap decorating, making and repairing bed linen, manufacturing clay utensils, and production of carpets were combined with recent artistic crafts like glass etching, under a 300 m long white tent.

All the way down to the library building, students and visitors mingled to share their day to day activities and concerns with the sound of contemporary music all around. Student ushers were leading the way.

Going up to the first floor of the library building, people were sitting in a welcome lounge waiting for the opening ceremony to be held in the exhibition hall where the displayed paintings embellished the walls.

A sneak peek allowed for some photos in a calm charming environment traversed by the Arabic music of a magical instrument, the “oud”.

At the end, bands and singers took all the lights.

Slideshow below with photos from the event. Accompanying music: Rebirth by Stefano Mocini

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