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Philanthropy Continues on Throughout the World with Celebrities

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Par Angelina Romanus Rédigé le 22/05/2010 (dernière modification le 22/05/2010)

Philanthropy Continues on Throughout the World with Celebrities
In November 2009, The North American Andy Transplant Foundation was showcased in the Michael Jackson’s Tribute Magazine.
Just recently in April 2010, we viewed a video when Fashion TV, in Monaco covered “Rendez-Vous for Socially Conscious Cinema” with Sharon Stone, Jody Williams (Nobel Peace Prize), Louis Schwheitzer (President of Renault Industry), Camilla De Bourbon Sicile, Lady Susan Thompson, Luciana De Montigny, Joel Soler, Caroline Scheufele-Gruosi and Lady Monica Bacardi.
Charitable efforts such as these are very important works and continue all over the world with our economic downfall. Worldwide, there has been a significant amount of successful organ transplantations. Numerous organ transplant organizations have shown the success rate to be more than 70% for transplant patients over a five-year period. The procedure from donation transplant is quite complex and is subjective by many factors, such as training, cost, public attitude and legislation. However, one of the challenges that most transplant programs are facing today is the shortage of donated organs around the world. As a result, there has been a major increase in the number of patients dying each and every day while on the transplant waiting list. One organ alone can cost well over $300,000 and that is just the beginning. Getting on the list to have a transplant is even more difficult. We need to help these families and educate them on the system and how it works.
Celebrities have supported The Andy Transplant Foundation, in the past such as Mario Lopez & Clay Aiken. This year, 2010, Eric Roberts will help support The Andy Transplant Foundation with an upcoming event.

According to Rich Rossi of IFQ, Cannes Film Festival alumnus Eric Roberts is a seasoned veteran to the film festival circuit and indie film scene. Nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Runaway Train), Eric also received three Golden Globe nominations: Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama (Star 80), Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Runaway Train) and Best Motion Picture Acting Debut – Male (King of the Gypsies). His films have premiered at Cannes, Sundance Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, South by Southwest (SXSW), and at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival as well as at the strictly independent New York International Film Festival.
Eric’s film Light Years Away is in ITN Distribution’s Marché du Film line-up. Also, Eric is in Groupie, which is in American World Picture’s line-up.
Eric wills discuss his Cannes experiences, his award nominations, his latest role as Monroe in this summer’s blockbuster, The Expendables, and working with Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke.
The Andy Transplant Foundation was established in 2004. The Andy Transplant Foundation’s, (ATF) main objective is to save lives through charitable fundraising that supports transplant research and increases awareness of the need for individual organ transplant donations. The foundation is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina with operations throughout North America and projects around the world.
Mr. Chuck Jones, Officer of International Publicist and Donations Development, will be attending the Cannes Film Festival and will be looking for opportunities, partnerships and donations to support this worthy charity. One of our advisors Dr. John Taccarino, will be in Cannes at the short film corner to showcase a recent documentary project that they are working on with Lady Susan Thompson. The film is called “The Displaced People of the Rainforest.”

Fundraising activities are primarily focused on events and other initiatives that drive research and awareness funding, while positively impacting the lives of transplant patients and their families.
The Andy Transplant Foundation is an official Satellite office for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Championship. Lady Susan Thompson hosted this event and had live feed with NBC for more than two hours a few years ago. This is one of their programs that they continue to drive to help with funding initiatives. However they plan to implement some major programs now to support monetary funding to patients that are denied insurance benefits. They will be relying on community support to assist them around the world as well as more celebrities to help change our health system with transplants.

The Andy Transplant Foundation was established by Lady Susan in memory of her brother Andy who passed away from complications due to liver failure after not receiving the transplant he so desperately needed. Andy was diagnosed with liver disease while in his early thirties. Soon after he was identified as being in critical need of a transplant and was placed on the dreaded wait list. While waiting over two years for a donor organ, Andy’s health progressively worsened.
With time running out, and despite risk to personal well being, family members and friends came forward and expressed their willingness to become live donors. Following an extended and frustrating test period, two acceptable donor candidates were identified, both willing to undergo the required surgery in the hopes of saving Andy’s life. But sadly time had run out for Andy. While waiting for a bed to come available at the nearest hospital capable of performing the specialized operation, his health rapidly declined. Two weeks following donor acceptance, the doctors deemed Andy no longer viable for transplant surgery. He passed away on February 25, 2003 at the untimely age of 37. Andy left behind a grieving wife and four young children, a sister and parents who loved him deeply and many saddened relatives and friends. He will always be remembered as a kind, caring and intelligent person with God given potential and ability to make a difference.
He is dearly missed by his sister who established The Andy Transplant Foundation in fulfillment of a commitment she made to her brother Andy.  Andy’s birthday was May 8, 1964 and the charity has been blessed truly with excellent publicity so Happy Birthday Andy.
In addition to her passion for foundation work, Lady Susan, a true humanitarian leads an intensely active professional life with business interests focused primarily in the entertainment industry.   A professional model, Lady Susan has applied her talents to International TV with several projects in the works including the launching of The Susan Thompson Show (http://www.thesusanthompsonshow.com), a lifestyle magazine show about extraordinary individuals and events from around the globe. Shows have been televised in Europe and are currently in launch in the US, along with web simulcasts out of NYC. Lady Susan is also a partner in a few film projects. In addition, her company, Golden Production Services (http://www.goldenproductionservices.com) provides corporate training, communication and event management.
Susan Thompson is also author and publisher of “A Mission From Up Above,” a book she wrote in dedication to her brother Andy as well as a song “Messages are Everywhere,” which she wrote the lyrics and Sonny E of Earth Wind & Fire wrote the music. Lady Susan has written another song “Golden Butterflies, A Tribute to Our Children.” Susan was inspired by Michael Jackson to write this song. 100% of the  proceeds from the book and song go to the foundation and associated causes. 
In recognition of her tireless efforts, dedication, and outstanding work, Lady Susan was awarded 2007 Executive of the Year by Cambridge Who’s Who representing the nonprofit fund raising category.  She is presently inducted in their Hall of Fame Program.
Lady Susan resides in the USA. With a backdrop of integrity and sophistication, corporate donors and individuals continue to find great value to support this wonderful cause.
For more information about the Andy Transplant Foundation and to find out how you can make donations and support this genuine cause, go to www.andytransplantfoundation.org

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