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Seasons of suffering: a novel by Ghassan Dairi

In his first book, Ghassan Dairi, honorary Consul of Lebanon in North Carolina of the United States of America, went deep into the human nature’s struggling within the duality of the “good” and the “bad”, of the humane and the animalistic nature-nurture relationship, and of the love-hatred ambivalence.

Book cover as it will appear. Photo (c) Ghassan Dairi.
Book cover as it will appear. Photo (c) Ghassan Dairi.
A novel that he decided to write in Arabic, despite his advanced English level, to allow all Lebanese as well as other Arabs to read and to express his highly refined method of writing, has been finally typed for the new author Ghassan Dairi. His writing technique is a form of prose that resembles poetry. Short sentences sometimes lengthened by the long breath of the suffering the heroes of the novel had to go through due to their will to promote peace around them. The novel has its roots in the real world. It’s about people who lost their loved ones by the ruthless killing machine.

It all starts in a village of north Lebanon ravaged by the civilian war and forced to declare attack on a neighboring village by a blood-thirsty mentally-deviated “prince of war”.

The hero is a teacher who refused to allow his village to be dragged into the darkened hostilities and had to pay a very high price. His mother and young sister were killed by the “prince of war”. His only living family member, the uncle, made him leave the country to the United States of America to prevent him from a strike-back which could exterminate the family.

In his novel, the author stressed the cohabitation in Lebanon characterizing a long period of its history despite the confessional nature of the government. It has a clear tinge of the suffering one has to go through when carried from one culture to a completely different other. It also has a romantic story within.

What happens when the novel’s hero reaches the country of freedom? Who will he meet? What will he learn there? And will he ever come back to his homeland?
One could only get to know the answers to these questions and more by enjoying every page of “Seasons of suffering”.

As the book that has not been published yet, the author sent me a copy to view and write about. It will soon say its word on the shelves of libraries and in the hands of passionate readers. Be prepared!
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