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Stepping into the New Year

Under the effect of a hypnotizing imagery encircling the East and the West, Assalam (peace) party launched its activities of the current year with a gala dinner at Eddésands, Byblos during the second week of January in an astounding environment of a sweet caress tingling the five senses.

Under one sky! Photo (C) Ibrahim Chalhoub
Under one sky! Photo (C) Ibrahim Chalhoub
podcast_stepping_new_year.mp3 Podcast_Stepping_New_Year.mp3  (294.71 Ko)

During an evening where politicians, diplomats, journalists, and public figures from many fields were present in no less than a high degree of representation, Roger Eddé welcomed the year 2012 with few words about the direction of his political party governed by peace and high hopes during a rocket-heating Arab world.
The situation in the neighboring country was, as it would have been expected from a lawyer who believes in the freedom of people in deciding their fate, the igniting sparkle of the speech delivered in Arabic, French, and English.

Mirroring the three cultures carried by the words of Mr. Eddé, the French cuisine that started with the “foie gras” to the champagne-soaked sorbet and ended with the meringue was a delight for the taste and the smell. Whereas the American songs moved the souls of the deeply listening attendees with the wonderful voice of Gisele Jackson, one day before her return to the United States. The Arabic share was another combination of two senses with the beautifully orchestrated moves of two belly dancers on Oriental rhythm and music.

Alice Eddé, the American French speaking lady, has been all around, and was, in addition to her social role in the bonding of the invitees, indirectly supervising the whole performance she has been minutely preparing from behind the scenes prior to the event.
She was keen enough to remember almost all the details to the extent of insuring a birthday cake to the 84 years Mr. Nahhas of her husband’s circle of acquaintance.

Take a glance at the below slideshow, and you will get a feel of how it was during the multicultural event few days ago.

Enjoy for the sake of peace!


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