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TRIBUNE - So, what is the principal Mr. Martens’s goal?

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Par Wilson Andrew Rédigé le 07/11/2011 (dernière modification le 05/11/2011)

United Europe is a stronghold of democracy and stability, high moral and universal VALUEs, fashion-maker and supporter of political initiatives… This list can be continued infinitely, however this medal has also the other side: all luster and shine is external decoration only, and what is inside?

Misbehaviour of EPP's leader

Illustration proposée par l'auteur
Illustration proposée par l'auteur
On the agenda, besides economic crises (Greece, Italy), mass actions of protests (active antyglobalism movement against activity of the large financial organizations), politics of a social inequality (the problem of gypsies and guest workers in Europe) and political intrigues (at the threshold of presidential elections in France the main opponent of Mr. Sarkozy was accused of sexual harassment), the European political establishment is famous also for the power monopolization.
For instance, it is necessary to recollect the President of the European People’s Party and the former prime-minister of Belgium – Mr. Wilfred Martens. Being the head of one of the most influential parties of United Europe and the main political power of the European Parliament, Mr. Martens permits himself to make some unequivocal and categorical political statements in the name of not only whole party, but also in the name of all European Parliament.
First of all, it is very conceitedly to make statements, which are supported far not all members of the Parliament and even not all members of the European People’s Party: holding the post of Vice-president, Jean-Claude Mignon does not share many radical views of his chief.
Recently all European mass-media actively quoted statements of Mr. Martens concerning events that is occurring in one of the former USSR countries - Ukraine.
Let us remind that this state undertook many efforts resent years to approach us and at this stage it almost reached this aim. But everything is not so smooth and simple; present government does not quite satisfy United Europe. It is natural for the country with transitional policy and economy has certain problems. However, as it has appeared, at all not that became a stumbling-block: the European elite calls into question competency of judicial system in this state. So, after announcement of a sentence to Mrs. Timoshenko who is the leader of opposition and the former Prime-minister of the country Mr. Martens has declared in the sharp and categorical form, that the European Union will not continue to carry on dialogue with Ukraine and does not intend to sign the so-called the Association Agreement.
Really, is it so? And these statements worth something?
In the given question Jean-Claude Mignon does not completely share just anger of his political chief. His statements are more moderate and objective, and do not deny signing the mentioned document. Besides, Mr. Mignon is officially the member of the France-Ukraine friendship group of The National Assembly of the Fifth Republic, which is headed by the skilled senator and diplomat Patrice Gelard and actively carries on dialogue with this country.
It is necessary to mention other European politicians who have not lost the skill to perceive existing reality adequately and to place accents correctly. The national secretary of the leading party of France - UNM (the Union of National Movement) David-Xavier Weiss has expressed the party’s official opinion concerning sentence to the ex-Prime-minister of Ukraine – Mrs. Julia Timoshenko: “I understand all emotions and reaction, which a court verdict concerning the former Prime-minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko can cause on, but I remind, that the judicial decision should be respected. It is known, that legal procedure has been initiated by the former president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, the leader of Orange Revolution, as well as Julia Timoshenko, that is the colleague of one political line, not but the current President Victor Janukovich”.
The same position was accepted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Franco Franttiny, the deputy of the Liberal parties’ group Johannes Kornelis van Baalen (Netherlands), the deputy Marek-Genrik Migalsky (European conservatives and reformists group, Poland) confirming that fact, that litigations will not affect the further carrying out of negotiations. The colleagues of the European Parliament were supported also by the deputy of "the Green group" Rebecca Harmas (Germany).
Also the position of the second important power of EP - Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats attracts attention to give question. Recently PASaD fraction has officially declared that it would not support the resolution initiated by European People’ Party on case of the former Ukrainian Prime minister. Besides, Progressive Socialists and Democrats have called upon political forces inside and outside Ukraine to abstain from any intervention in the work of its judicial bodies.
The basis of such disagreements remains to guess. Does it maen, that Mr. Martens acts against European Union, as state association as a whole, actually taking up functions of its plenipotentiary; or against his own party causing disapproval of other functionaries and against colleagues in the EP?
Mr. Martens probably intends to show his powerful VALUE to the political world. The founder and head of "all-powerful" EPP, which includes 17 of 27 heads of states in the party lists, does not wish to be lost against the background of both mighty Sarkozy and Merkel, who have real power in their own hands, but not just empty and loud statements.
Why did not he show his political activity in issues concerning European home affairs? What about the litigations charging Silvio Berlusconi and Gerhard Schröder? In this case statements about democracy and human rights violations or opposition’s prosecution would be not pertinent, besides they would with ease be parried by other more powerful European politicians. Therefore for Europe it was triumph of democracy and justice.
Here is fresh example: Hungary that was the head of EU in the first half of the year has entered 2011 with adoption of the shameful mass-media law. There are total control over all mass media, criminal prosecution of authors and editors, power monopolization in mass media commission hands, which structure includes only members of the governmental party Fidesz! Modestly, Mr. Martens does not make any comments on existing situation. Even if he comments his statements are not so loud and public. At least these statements have not left a trace in mass-media. Possibly, he did not want to offend his colleague and member of the same party Victor Orban and has not considered such actions as collapsing ones in the democratic processes in the state. But it was not enough for Hungary; after all at a guarantee of full impunity it is possible to act more actively. Mass arrests of the former heads of all special services accused of espionage in favour of Russia have begun in the country! This farce also does not cause indignation of Mr. Martens - there are no political repressions and oppositions revenge.
How much successful there will be such policy of cheap faultfinding, time will show. Though, Mr. Martens, the history of Europe testifies to hopelessness of such approach.

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