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TRIBUNE - The resignation of Prime Minister of Mali

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Par Djibrilla Abouzeidi Rédigé le 25/07/2012 (dernière modification le 22/09/2013)

The front anti-coup in Mali called for the resignation of Prime Minister.

Photo (c) DR
Photo (c) DR
Bamako - The United Front for the Defence of the Republic and Democracy (FDR), which had opposed the military coup of 22 March in Mali claimed Tuesday the resignation of Prime Minister Modibo Diarra Cheick and his government which he denounces the incompetence and amateurism.

It is clear that three months after its formation, the transitional government led by Cheick Modibo Diarra is just getting bogged down in incompetence and amateurism and Mali continued deeper into crisis, said a statement from FDR. Front invites them accordingly to resign in order to facilitate the consultations for the establishment of a new prime minister and a government of national unity.

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