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Time for a wake up

Par Ibrahim Chalhoub Rédigé le 16/05/2011 (dernière modification le 16/05/2011)

The world is changing ; the people are rising against dictators and totalitarianism all around the globe and some regimes still believe they can stop the will of the people by mortifying them.

Catherine AL-TALI released. What about others? Photo (c) Essam Ebrahim.
Catherine AL-TALI released. What about others? Photo (c) Essam Ebrahim.
Many totalitarian regimes have detained and tortured people from lands they have occupied. Even nations proclaiming themselves as liberals have done the same. It is not about those that we want to run our current interests despite the fact that we should not neglect their facts. The eyes these days are mainly turned to governing regimes detaining, torturing and killing their own people.

Not very long time ago, the regime of Saddam Hussein has been found to commit genocide-like atrocities in Iraq. People were abducted and killed in the streets like sheep being slaughtered in hundreds. Others had to wait to get blown up with a push of a button knowing that they had to live every moment during which they are being attached to explosives. Acid was poured over many watching their bodies dissolve in pain. Many were put in prisons to suffer from daily torture techniques of sadistic retainers. In the name of which God or political beliefs a regime would act out its death wish over its own people? What did the Iraqi citizens do to deserve such a barbarian treatment?

Lately, and in Iraq’s directly neighboring country, the numbers of detainees has risen dramatically among whom many journalists and even human rights activists like Catherine AL-TALI abducted of the street in the Barzeh near Damascus on Friday 13th of May evening by the security services according to the Syrian Organization for Human Rights (Swasiah). She got released two days after, but what about others?

Should we compare the Syrian regime to that of Saddam in Iraq knowing that the Mazzeh prison in Damascus has been, and still is, of the highly feared areas of detention due to the terrible stories collected from those who got out?

Perhaps it’s about time for the Syrian regime, and more specifically for its head, to take appropriate action in the direction of changing its attitude toward its own people and protect itself from crying over spilt milk (not to say spilt blood).

What Saddam didn’t know was that his end was coming irrespective of what the United States of America did in Iraq, and still is doing there. Isn’t it bizarre then to keep seeing humanely unacceptable behavior in a country sharing the same borders with that of the hanged Saddam?
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Not just bizarre, but an outright oddity. Judging by their behavior, i think they're feeling the ...  

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free syria, we deserve freedom, we are sacrifing for our dignity and liberty

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