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Women leadership

Rédigé le 30/06/2011 (dernière modification le 30/06/2011)

Tuesday 28 June, Mrs. Baria Ahmar was invited by the Embassy of the United States in Lebanon to speak about women leadership in the Safadi Center in Tripoli Lebanon.

Leadership…early enough! Photo (C) Ibrahim Chalhoub.
Leadership…early enough! Photo (C) Ibrahim Chalhoub.
Mrs. Baria Ahmar, a leading Lebanese journalist, conducted a conference on women leadership for the ladies of North Lebanon.

During the 2 hours conference, Mrs. Baria Ahmar, shared her experience and what she acquired from the Citizens Exchange program “Women as political leaders” that she participated in previously. She tackled the challenges Lebanese women face in practicing a leadership role and revealed tips and requirements to overcome them.

Places were limited to a maximum of 30 participants in order to enable an ease of access to the speaker as well as more efficient participation. In fact, many of the 26 participating ladies shared their opinion and personal experience within the field. They spoke about the difficulties they have when trying to establish a position within the Lebanese patriarchal society. Some of them were already half-way to prove their leadership in the Lebanese populace.

The experienced journalist and spokeswoman focused on establishing reachable goals and conducting a SWOT analysis for every lady engaging into the public. She gave examples from her background as well as from her experience with people whom she worked with or trained.

Participants were very interested and requested, on several occasions, to have Mrs. Ahmar come back often to the North to help boost some kind of a women move toward an extraverted personality able to prove its capacities and overcome the unlimited barriers of the Lebanese society.
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