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Faces of Monaco

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Par Podcast Journal Rédigé le 27/06/2009 (dernière modification le 26/06/2009)

Five years ago ‘Faces of Monaco’ broke new ground by showing not just the famous personalities who make Monaco their home, but also the unknown folks who ensure that this renowned Principality functions as flawlessly as it does.

Faces of Monaco
The project was an instant success and projected the daily life in the Principality of Monaco, alongside the glitz and glamour for which it is usually better known.

Today, we have decided to feature the human side of the renowned celebrities who make Monaco their home. To show them as they are, not how media projects them to be. And the medium we is their personal friendships.


When the famous relax and re-charge their batteries away from the stress of constant public glare, they search for the comfort of good friends who share many of their private interests. Seeing these people at ease, enjoying the company of those they trust, and sharing simple joint adventures, is becomes honest and fascinating journalism.
In each Faces of Monaco TV production, (and its conjunctive magazine articles, etc), a renowned Monaco resident is revealed through the vehicle of seeing him/her meeting and passing time in the Principality with a best friend. They meet; they plan their day, and enjoy the simple life. The fascination comes as we watch their day progress and as we see their lens reach fruition.

WHY, the Monegasque company producing the series will be happy to supply further details to any interested media parties. Meanwhile, please enjoy some selected out-takes of the first pilot - the meeting of German Fashion designer with Picasso’s Grandson in Monaco. Their day includes seeing the Picasso museum in Antibes, a Helicopter flight with Paris Dakar Winner Jutta Kleinschmidt over Monaco and the Riviera coast, planning an evening meal, using the famous kitchens of the Hotel de Paris to cook it (with the head chef watching in amusement), and finishing off a wild ride through Monaco at night in a chartered municipal bus to share a beer with H.S.H. Prince Albert II in Monaco's newest attraction, the Brewery on the Port.

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