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Mocktail trend : The Niets company, the only 100% alcohol-free distilled Gin and Rhum around the world

Par Rédigé le 23/11/2022 (dernière modification le 16/11/2022)

Non-alcoholic cocktails (or "mocktails" in English) are trendy and can be drink without moderation! Spotlight today on The Niets company, a reference in alcohol-free drinks founded in early 2020 in Belgium by Alexandre Hauben. It has already won 2 awards in New York and London!

Mocktail trend : The Niets company, he only 100% alcohol-free distilled Gin and Rhum around the world. (c) The Niets Co via Caroline Charles Communication.
Mocktail trend : The Niets company, he only 100% alcohol-free distilled Gin and Rhum around the world. (c) The Niets Co via Caroline Charles Communication.
The mocktail, a contraction of "mock" and "cocktail", is part of the "Nolo" trend (no alcohol and low alcohol) and its philosophy of little or no alcohol. The mocktail is an opportunity to enjoy moments of conviviality without the effects of alcohol. It also allows you to limit excesses. No more difficult mornings with mocktails, which are also more refreshing and non-drying. It is the form and the good glare assured! Based on fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, sparkling or still water... The alcohol-free cocktail, contrary to popular belief, is not simply a combination of fruit juices but is made like a cocktail, both in terms of preparation and taste associations. As you will have understood, zero degrees in the shaker with a pleasure just as guaranteed, alcohol-free cocktails are not only reserved for pregnant women!

A phenomenon that shakes up the codes

It is also a real challenge for bartenders who must put forward their creativity. It is no longer a question of building a recipe around an alcohol but of mixing several ingredients, normally secondary, to make a tasty cocktail. This phenomenon also gives rise to a revival of mixology: reproducing the taste of the alcohol but without the main element. New products are therefore emerging, including plant-based drinks, concentrated botanicals, which allow to imitate the sensations and the herbaceous taste of certain alcohols. This trend is exploding and promises new innovations! Mocktails have the advantage, just like cocktails, of having infinite possibilities of recipes.
We can even go further than the association of juices by going to look for new flavors: syrups, liqueurs, or even spices to realize more elaborated and original mocktails. Many consumers are now turning to a healthier lifestyle. In France, there has been a significant decrease in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It has indeed been divided by 2.5 between 1960 and 2018.
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The Niets Co

For you, a mocktail can't be as good as an alcoholic cocktail? No more excuses, non-alcoholic spirits are developing more and more, and imitate the taste of spirits to perfection! Whisky, gin, rum or even non-alcoholic fizz, to enjoy the taste of alcohol at 0 degree, and to enhance your mocktails! The mission of Niets Co. is to provide every consumer with the best alternatives to alcoholic beverages through the development and distribution of high quality products. Created by the young company Niets, Botaniets is an O.O% alcohol-free gin, authentically distilled and bottled in Belgium. The only 100% alcohol-free distilled gin.Botaniets gin is in the spirit of the times and is as much about drinking well as eating well and moving well. The idea behind the creation of Botaniets was to offer an alternative to the alcoholic cocktail, but keeping the notion of pleasure! After its alcohol-free distilled gin BOTANIETS, the young Belgian company NIETS has launched in France its first barrel-aged rum with 0.0% alcohol: HAVANIETS. It has already won its first silver medal at the prestigious European Spirits Challenge 2022. An award prized in the professional world of the food industry internationally. HAVANIETS has a sweet and woody aroma, with notes of vanilla and roasted coffee beans. In the mouth, the complex flavor lingers with an intense sweetness and subtle oak and smoky nuances, a direct result of its unique barrique for a non-alcoholic product. Havaniets originates from a precious blend of natural ingredients such as vanilla beans from Madagascar, cloves from Maluku and nutmeg from the Banda Islands. A trip within reach of your mouth, low in calories and sugars, enough to spend a pleasant summer in Caribbean mode!

Little ideas

Mocktail trend : The Niets company, he only 100% alcohol-free distilled Gin and Rhum around the world. (c) The Niets Co via Caroline Charles Communication.
Mocktail trend : The Niets company, he only 100% alcohol-free distilled Gin and Rhum around the world. (c) The Niets Co via Caroline Charles Communication.
In 1919, a new amendment was ratified in the USA prohibiting the manufacture, sale and consumption of alcohol. This was a huge blow for nightclubs. To keep customers coming back to the bars, a solution had to be found: and fast! This is how the mocktail was born. Far from being a simple non-alcoholic cocktail, the mocktail is neither the "virgin" version of the most famous cocktails, nor a smoothie recipe. It reinvents the flavors to make you forget its alcoholic counterpart. After the end of the prohibition, the mocktail is put aside for a while. However, these recipes are very fashionable today! From now on, the tendency is to the discovery of new flavours and the conviviality of the sharing. With it, a few recipes of tapas and the aperitif is without fault! In bars and restaurants, you can find coffee mocktails, ginger mocktails, tea mocktails or Kombucha juice, for example. If the mocktail was born in the bars, it is also consumed at home. To make one, you just need to find the right non-alcoholic cocktail recipes and the right ingredients. With a little imagination, you can even have fun creating your own versions and preparing new combinations and associations of tastes and flavors. The mocktails are inspired by the ingredients usually used in alcoholic cocktails: juices and fruit syrups for the taste, sodas and carbonated waters that bring the sparkle. And, to adjust the flavors: sugar, agave syrup, honey, without forgetting the lemon, yellow or green, tabasco, verjuice... And the wide range of spices (celery salt, pepper, ginger), fresh herbs (rosemary, mint, chives, basil) or vegetables or seasonal fruits (cucumber, strawberries, raspberries, peaches...). The shaker allows, as for alcoholic cocktails, to obtain perfect mixes. With the usual tricks to play with the textures: like the egg white which, shaken without ice, brings a sparkling side. For example, you can mix, on ice, a lime juice with a little ginger syrup, and the fresh juice of a cucumber. To serve. Add tonic or sparkling water. Or use herbal infusions (sage, mint, rosemary), tea or mate to add original flavors, also guaranteed sugar-free! Inspiration can also come from traditionally alcohol-free drinks consumed in Africa or the Caribbean... Like Bissap, a hibiscus infusion, or Ginger Beer, a fermented drink made from ginger.


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