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SarahArticle.Ice | Wanderlust Chronicle: Anthropologie of Life, Travel, Fashion, Art and Beyond
SarahArticle.Ice | Wanderlust Chronicle: Anthropologie of Life, Travel, Fashion, Art and Beyond
Sarah | Pro Figure Skater & Performer On Royal Carribean Cruise | Fashion & Lifestyle Journalist

"Wanderlust Chronicle : Anthropologie of Life, Fashion, Travel, Art and Beyond"

As a multi-tasks woman and writer with a passion for both the artistic and the tangible, I easily blend my roles as a professional figure skater, lifestyle journalist, and a dedicated fashion connoisseur. My journey has led me to uncover the intricate threads that weave culture, society, and personal expression into a captivating tapestry of human experiences over 29 different country over the past 10 years thru my professional skating career, performing for different international ice shows companies.

As I did embark recently on my Caribbean adventure as a figure skater and crew member on a cruise ship, that combines the thrill of performing on ice with the adventure of exploring the high seas I realize that sharing my experiences of traveling and performing has become inseparable from my identity as a journalist and writer. It is with this realization with an unlimited curiosity and an appreciation for detail, I've cultivated a unique journalistic approach: "Wanderlust Chronicle : Exploring the Anthropology of Life, Fashion, Travel ,Art and Beyond". In this Chronicle regrouping my articles, I explore the dynamic interplay of societal norms, personal narratives, and arts across diverse landscapes thru 5 specifics or 5 best facts to know for each countries.

I will thru time, present the rich history of country that I will visit, and for the present, the Caribbean’s Island and captivating stories that make them a pure gem to visit. Sail with me on a journey through time, stunning beaches and marine life. From ancient Mayan roots, pirate’s adventure tails to modern-day marvels, discover with me fascinating facts in each place’s I will visit. Here are the different sections I will write about :

In my Lifestyle and Travel articles , I wander the globe with an anthropological, historical artistic lens, bridging traditions and innovations in destinations all around the world. I delve into the best place to visit and to go that I found very relaxing or interesting to visit for anyone who wants to travel or get informations about it.

As a Fashion aficionado, I participate in different fashion event such the Paris Fashion Week between each show tour I have. I decipher the coded language of couture, fashion subcultures, trace sustainable practices impact on society, and celebrate the fearless artistic classic tradition, as well as the rebellion against norms. For me, fashion is a vessel for cultural commentary, individual expression and each runway or designer interview I got is a stage for societal conversations.

As an Art Critic enthusiast, I immerse myself in the brushstrokes and sculptures that grace galleries and museums, decoding the narratives within iconic artworks and their reflections of cultural shifts.

Join and travel a little bit with me to uncover the "Wander" that shape our world. As I explore, travel the crossroads of culture, society, and personal identity, I will try to paint a portrait of my experience and love for art, fashion, travel, and lifestyle which will intersect.
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