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Moynihan Colin

TRIBUNE - Stop russian military agression against Ukraine

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At present Russian military aggression against Ukraine, the people of which chose democratic way of development, has still been continuing. People of the world and disabled athletes of each and every country are outraged by treacherous Russian armed forces invasion of neighboring independent state under false excuses of "protecting Russians".

Disabled athletes call upon to boycott Winter paralympics Sochi-2014

On March 7, in the Russian city of Sochi XI Winter Paralympics should begin. By cynical incursion of its troops into Ukrainian territory Russia, as organizing state, violated roughly the demands of Olympic Charter and UN Charter, thus International Paralympic Committee regulations has no right to conduct competitions of such level. Olympic Games are symbol of peace and shall not be carried out on the territory of the aggressor!
We, the disabled athletes from different countries of the world, appeal to international community to boycott Paralympics-2014 in Russian Sochi actively. We call upon athletes from all over the world to refuse from visiting Sochi. Our join efforts can stop military aggression of Russia against sovereign state and help to solve the conflict in a peaceful way.
It is no secret that Winter Paralympics-2014 in Sochi as well Winter Olympics-2014 are personal ambitious and highly expensive projects of Mr. Putin who, judging by recent events, lost the “feeling of reality”. As a matter of fact Sochi Olympics became powerful “propaganda” of Russian President. That is why the boycott should sober Mr. Putin and deeply affect Russia prestige.
It is pleasant to realize that in our desire for peace we are not alone! On March 2, Prime-minister of Great Britain David Cameron stated that all members of the Parliament of Britain refused from visiting Paralympics in Sochi. The same decision was adopted by Netherlands Government. Earlier US official delegation refused to participate in the competitions by reason of recent events in Ukraine. In particular, United States National Security Council Spokesperson Caitlin Hayden announced that American President’s delegation will not attend Paralympics in Sochi as an expression of protest against aggressive actions of Russia in Ukraine.
On March 3, the Head of National Paralympic Committee of Ukraine Valeriy Sushkevich informed that the issue of boycott of Paralympics in Sochi by Ukraine will be decided in the next few days. High-ranking Ukrainian sports official stated that “it is cynical to launch Paralympics and to begin war. In the next few days the Council of Paralympic Committee will decide the issue of possible refusal of Ukraine from participation in Paralympics as reaction to occupation of Ukrainian territory by armed forces of Paralympics host state”.
As the date of Paralympics in Sochi approaches, the more sport functionaries from different countries as well as politics support the boycott of Winter Games in connection with highly tensed situation existing between Ukraine and Russia.
We call upon disabled athletes, sport functionaries, government officials and politics from all over the world, from each and every country, to boycott XI Winter Paralympics Sochi-2014 to express protest against occupation of Ukrainian territory by armed forces of Russia - Paralympics host state!
Stop armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine!
Sport is Peace!

International Association of disabled athletes


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