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TRIBUNE - The Ukrainian way to the Libyan desert

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Par Samuel Charap Rédigé le 07/10/2011 (dernière modification le 07/10/2011)

War always involves numerous human sacrifices, sorrow of civilians, huge losses to economic potential for a territory of conflict, along with the political gambles, some business interests lobbying and dirty tricks.

Dirty tricks of Mass-media information campaign arisen again

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It was ever thus. The humanity has always been aggressive, and modern society is not an exception to that. Nowadays, the power resources remain a subject of the main heated confrontations and conflicts. That's the way the world wags, but today people fight for influence and energy sources. Who owns oil that owns the world!
Therefore, “the revolution in the Libyan desert” is not an exception. Currently the world is geopolitically redistributed under spheres of influence. Events that occurred in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Georgia, were spread to the Arabian World. Who really needs this? Only the time will settle this issue. It's a question of history.
About events in a conflict zone, the average citizen can learn only from mass media, which actively cover this problem. Day after day, we, people, being not indifferent to civil people in any part of the world, learn about victims, whether from the governmental forces and rebel formations, we are informed on captures of hostages and foreigners. So, that is the horror of war.
In the same time some question is: why, nevertheless, the world’s leading media conceal the truth about events in Libya? Why on columns of the world newspapers the reality is misrepresented?
Talking about that, I want to draw attention to gambles, which some forces resort, conducting information campaigns. The situation around Ukraine in media space makes such example.
I must admit! Recently, in March of the current year, STRATFOR’s global team of intelligence professionals provided the information about the alleged participation of the Ukrainian military men, piloted Libyan MIGs during bombardment of participants of anti-governmental demonstrations. In reply to that statement, Ukrainian side declared about an absence of the Ukrainian military servants in Libya. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also confirmed the fact of absence of any military pilot of Ukrainian Armed forces in territory of Libya. However, the Ukrainian party’s statements do not exclude that the Ukrainian mercenaries, collaborating illegally with Gaddafi’s regime, can fly in Libya violating all international conventions and regulations.
Such speculations are disseminated by forces, desiring to blacken image of Ukraine, supporting peace and transparent economic relations with Libya last 10 years, before the international community and to counteract oil producing projects, or once again to discredit Ukraine before decision making on its association with EU.
As you known, to the hostilities beginning in Libya some thousand of Ukrainians, mainly physicians and experts of the oil and gas industry, worked there. It was informed earlier about 2.5-3 thousand of Ukrainians, working or temporarily residing in Libya. However following the results of evacuation from this country it became known, that only by 365 Ukrainians expressed their desire to return home. So, there is a question: whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine managed to find and take out from a combat zone only each 8th citizen, or considerable part of them, remained there, does not feel threat to their life, as mass-media demonstrate.
Anyway, the noise round pilots quietened down by itself. So, with the lapse of time, this thought gives to someone no peace, now in Libya the hunting for “mercenaries-snipers” from Ukraine is opened.
On September 14th, referring to the Croatian newspaper “Vechernij List”, the message on execution of 11 Ukrainian mercenaries near the city of Mizrat, who seemingly would have been at war on the party of Gaddafi forces, flew round the world mass-media. Simultaneously, this information was denied both by the Libyan insurgent forces and by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It should be understood! The newspaper “Vechernij List”, published exclusively in Serbo-Croatian language, is really considerable newspaper in Croatia, being a leader between local mass-media. However, the important fact is that neither in the newspaper site (www.vecernij.hr) there is such information, no in the printed edition anybody heard at all about such “sensation”!
Therefore, there is a question, who earns profit carrying out of such media-campaign against Ukraine! It is not at the first time somebody intends to accuse Ukraine in supply of weapon and military experts to the countries, respecting of which restrictions operate. We remember many cases, having no connection with export of the arms... There is only one conclusion, if mass-media stress such charges, it is necessary to look at, what is actually behind, instead of to gulp. And behind it there are always the latent concrete political, economic and other interests, which the different countries try to satisfy through pressure on the international public opinion. Some clear regularity is traced: as soon as Ukraine reaches considerable successes in this or that sphere of foreign trade activities, wait for the next charges and scandals.
Speaking about activity of official Kiev, it is necessary to notice, that now the President of Ukraine demands from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to take all urgent measures for liberation of hostages, who are groundless accused of mercenary and conducting operations on the party of Gaddafi forces. For Ukraine, the Ukrainian citizens are the first!
If citizens of Ukraine have gone on territory of Libya after official declaration of overthrow of M. Gaddafi and before coming into force of the current government, so taking into account at this time in Libya absence of legislature and legal proceedings institutes, the Ukrainian citizens fall under application to them of norms of the Ukrainian legislation.
In this case it seems that the Ukrainian party should give certain guarantees to the new Libyan government at level of the President or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine concerning punishment of the detained Ukrainians under the relevant article of the Criminal code of Ukraine “mercenary”.
Considering the absence of the criminal legislation, legal procedure of investigation at this time in Libya, the objective legal investigation of the case of detained Ukrainian citizens seems impossible and requires their extradition to Ukraine.
It is necessary to hope only, that the ordered repression and engaged media will not damage to friendly relations between Ukrainian and Libyan people.

by Samuel Charap, Director for Russia and Eurasia and a member of the National Security and International Policy team at American Progress



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