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Wave World Kabaddi League

Par CP Rédigé le 10/08/2014 (dernière modification le 09/08/2014)

On the eve of commencement of 18 week sports bonanza, Wave World Kabaddi League* (Wave WKL), all team owners come together to cheer the players and announce war against each other on the Kabaddi arena. The owners pledged a heart thumping and adrenalin pumping, entertainment filled 18 weeks.

(c) Getty Image
(c) Getty Image
Committing a dope free Wave WKL also announced the player roaster, match schedule and showcased team logos.
Mr. Raman Raheja, CEO, Wave WKL; Superstar rapper & Wave WKL Franchisee Owner Yo Yo Honey Singh; Bollywood hearthrob and Wave WKL Franchisee co-owner Mr. Akshay Kumar, Ms Rajee Shinde, CEO, PTC Network, Mr. Surjeet Singh, California Lions, Managers of Lahore Lions and Vancouver Lions addressed the gathering at Hilton London Padington.

Mr. Raman Raheja, CEO, Wave WKL, said “Kabaddi is an extraordinary sport. It has an intrinsic potential to become a top spectator sport. Wave WKL aims to build an ecosystem to promote and showcase sporting talent at an international level. We believe kabaddi will offer an engrossing and engaging experience to the audience.” He added, “Wave WKL is all set to take off and we all are very excited. We are thankful for the support we have received from all the stakeholders for the league. I am hopeful that Wave WKL will be a great entertaining league for everyone.”

Bollywood Khiladi Kumar, Akshay said, “Kabaddi originated in India and now it has gone global, I believe we should all come together to support and make it even bigger. Pakistan team will also participate in Wave WKL, it’s a big step to bring the 2 countries together and highly appreciated.” Akshay was also very excited about the movie at the Premiere and had Mr Ramesh Turrani, Producer and other members of production team of Entertainment with him.

Ms Rajee Shinde, CEO, PTC Network said, “We have been associated with Kabaddi for quite some time. Our experience with 4 World Cup’s in the past made us believe that Kabaddi was loved by youth. We are happy to partner with Wave WKL to take this across the globe.”

“Kabaddi is a popular sport in Pakistan. The Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan has shown personal interest in ensuring that the team performs well in the League. The fans in Pakistan are also looking forward to the beginning of the League.I want to personally thank all the owners for promoting the sport,” Manager of Lahore Lions said.

Yo Yo Tigers, owner, super rapper Honey Singh shared with happiness with the guests, he said, “I am quite excited about the kick off the league. With less than 24 hours remaining my team is all geared up to take on the opponents. London is sure to see some great kabaddi this year. This league will surely be a success among the kabaddi fans globally and put kabaddi in the minds of the sports lovers. I will launch my song dedicated to Kabaddi it will be released in Toronto.”

PTC is going to be the international TV Broadcast partner for Wave WKL across markets of North America, South America, United Kingdom and Canada. Wave WKL will kick off from 9th August and will see various national and international Kabaddi players in action through 8 franchisees. The league will follow the Formula 1 style touring sports format and will be played across 3 continents. With 86 matches, the first season will be played on the weekends.

Wave WKL aims to become the go-to brand when it comes to sports entertainment and delivering value to its partners and sponsors. WKL as a brand embodies strength, power, agility, tactic, entertainment, masculinity and aggression. It is taking an indigenous sport to the world and redefining it for the Indian audience. It gives Kabaddi a ‘gladiatorial’ persona and adds loads of spunk and aura around the sport. Wave WKL will vie for a niche currently occupied by well-established sports like football, WWE, and cricket. Wave WKL brand visual identity, tone and texture are global and aspirational.

* Kabaddi is a traditional rural Indian sport. Wave World Kabaddi League is a society registered with the registrar of firms & societies having its registered office at Chandigarh & Corporate office at Gurgaon. The aim of the organization is to build a dynamic and sustainable global sports league that grows circle style Kabaddi as a Professional sport and engages fans and business associates with world class sports entertainment, better value and best experience and service.
The organization is committed towards driving mileage for a holistic ecosystem where fans transcend nationalities and actively participate amongst themselves, their teams and the league partners, thus becoming a truly global audience. The society respects the rich tradition of Kabaddi and would simultaneously focus on making the sport contemporary. WKL has generated immense excitement amongst a cross section of investors including repertoires from popular cultures, Corporate India, Private Equity investors, & NRI’s.
The world league will take the sport to state of the art venues and provide our guests with better entertainment in a clean, secure and comfortable environment. www.worldkabaddileague.net