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Ian Bremmer

Who will take care of the interests of the Crimean Tatar people?

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Over recent years the leaders of Majlis practically have come out against interests of Crimean Tartar People.

Who will take care of the interests of the Crimean Tatar people?
Mustafa Dzhemilev and some other leaders of Crimean Tartars try to mistake their own group objectives for the interests of the whole national group. Herein, the actions of disobedience of Crimean Tartars, instigated by the noted persons, are used actively, allegedly, for the sake of defending of their rights, but in actual for the purpose of creation conditions for carrying out pressure on Ukrainian leadership. All mentioned above happens when the Ukrainian leadership does its utmost to improve economic and social situation of the Crimean Tartars even in the conditions of world financial crisis, which has appreciably worsened and added to difficulties of economic situation in Ukraine.
Recently held, "the third session of the 5 th Kurultai of Crimean Tatar people" actually reaffirmed that the leaders of “Majlis” intend to challenge the current Ukrainian authorities.
"Majlis" is the organization claiming the right to represent the entire Crimean Tatar people and is considered as if its unofficial "parliament", widely known for the extremely nationalistic and russophobic positions.
On the eve of local elections in Ukraine the leaders of Majlis try to put pressure upon the Ukrainian leadership in issues, surrounding delineation of powers concerning participation of Crimean Tatars in formation of local authorities and the President’s of Ukraine Council of Representatives amid further internationalization of Crimean Tatars issue.
Dzhemilev’s pronouncements, which he made during his meetings with the European Union representatives as well as his comments on events in the autonomy are biassed and groundless. Their single purpose is to focus the representatives of the European Community attention on Dzhemilev himself and some other marginal Crimean Tartars leaders, who increasingly lose people’s support. The Tartar people positively perceive the policy of the leadership of Ukraine, directed on improvement of their social and economic conditions and oppose the course of Majlis on artificial separation of this ethnic group from the other citizens of Ukraine.
Summing up the aforesaid, it should be emphasized, that repatriation of Crimean Tartars to historical native land and their housing is a difficult problem, which can be solved on the assumption of constructive cooperation of political forces of Ukraine (except for trigger-happy politicians and radicals such as Dzhemilev), as well as effective financial and technological assistance of OSCE, PACE and other influential European institutions.


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