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Spotlight On : Dikki Martinez a professional figure skater that make his dreams come true

Par Rédigé le 08/12/2020 (dernière modification le 08/12/2020)

He is hard worker, determined, talented and sparkly. But most of all he made history in his country by being one of the first skater to perform professionaly around the world - with one of the biggest entertainment company. Meeting with Dikki Martinez that made his dreams come true.

Dikki Martinez performer. (c) Dikki Martinez.
Dikki Martinez performer. (c) Dikki Martinez.
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In the Philippines the average year-round temperature in the Pacific nation is 27˚C (80˚F), and snow is unheard of. However, there are several ice rinks in the country – and many talented figure skater. Dikki Martinez is one of them. He was the 2009 Men's Senior Gold medalist of the Philippine Figure Skating. Three time Junior Men's Gold Medalist from 2006-2008. He holds the record for most wins in the Junior Men's Division. He has become a significant part of Philippine figure skating parlance.

In fact as an athlete, competitor, and ice show performer he has made a lasting impact on the development and promotion of the sport in the Philippines. Dikki skating training started at an early age and he become the second athlete after his choreographer Leonardo Aranton, to join the ice show world. He has achieved a dream – bringing show skating to the people and people to the ice shows. Undoubtedly he is an incredible artist, a hard worker and a devoted performer that the pandemic affect, as many others. Interview with Dikki that tell us all about his beautiful story.

"Being able to express your emotions and your art. It’s so freeing! And seeing people get entertained with something that you love to do".

When a dream come true. (c) Dikki Martinez.
When a dream come true. (c) Dikki Martinez.
- How and when did you start figure skating?

I started skating when I was 8. I actually started skating because I watched an ice show that was
playing in Manila, year 1999. I was so amazed that I asked my mom if I could start taking lessons. I had
no clue that there was an ice rink close to our house back then. After quite a few days of begging my
mom, she finally let me have lessons!

- How did you get your start in the ice shows industry?

I was job hunting that time and I couldn’t really find a job that suited me. I thought I should try
sending an audition video with an ice show. I thought to my self, what have I got to lose? I got very lucky
and I got hired a month after sending my audition video!

- Did you always know that you will make figure skating as your professional career?

I honestly didn’t. I was kind of set in working in the hospitality world since I studied Tourism
management at Uni. So my current career is totally different from hat I expected. Though I did want to
perform at the back of my mind, did not see it actually happening.

- What has been your favorite performances so far and where ?

This is a hard question. But I think my favorite performances was when I used to play lead roles
or supporting roles where I could be more on my comedic side. As to which place? There’s so many
places that I’ve performed in, so it is quite difficult to pick one.

- What is your favorite thing about being a skater and a show skater ?

Just being able to express your emotions and your art. It’s so freeing! And seeing people get
entertained with something that you love to do.

- Can you tell us about Figure skating in Philippines, about the reputation and development of
the sport, the training facilities?

Figure skating in the Philippines back when I started, It was considered as a recreational sports.
But thankfully, I was one of the first ones to actually skate at more of a competitive field when the sport
turned more into a serious sport. Like right now, there are quite a few competitive skaters that have been
competing at big competitions internationally. We have three olympic sized rinks in Manila, though they
are inside shopping malls. And we do have quite a few good coaches.

- How do you think it is possible to promote the sport on your country ? What advice would you
give to the kids who want to start figure?

I think just exposing the sport more into the media and more international competitions would be
of great help to figure skating in the Philippines. To all this kids who want to start skating, Go for it. It could
be the thing that makes you a more disciplined and hard working person in the future1
- What are your interest outside of skating?

I make cover songs, mostly show tunes. Or draw portraits. I also read quite a lot whenever I find a
really good book!

- How do you describe your personality on the ice?

I’d say, loose. I think I’m not as uptight and more relaxed when I skate. Though earlier in my
competitive years, I was more on the serious and stiff type. But I guess I have out grown that and just
enjoy skating.

- Regarding everything you accomplished in your career what would you still to your younger

I’d tell my younger self to just keep working hard and keep on improving your skills no matter
what. There may be days where you feel stuck and lost, but it gets better once you get past that little
bump in the road.

- How did you manage to deal with the pandemic situation and the long pause that been thru the
show industry around the world?

It has been quite hard, to tell you honestly. This is the longest time that I have not stepped on the
ice. I just try to keep myself distracted and busy so I won’t think about missing the ice so much. I tell my
self that one day in the near future, I’ll be able to go back and do what I love and what I was born to do

- What's your plan in the near future as an artist or others?

Right now, all I can do is wait until that day we return. But I do plan on going back and perform to
thousands of crowds.

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