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Anne Debard

French Etiquette and French Paradox

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A direct link between social behavior rules and the way of eating.

Introducing etiquette rules in your daily life is the best way to self respect and self control

Photo (c) DR
Photo (c) DR
When it comes to France, most of you have in mind: Paris, the Eiffel tower, french cuisine, baguette, romantism, chic, elegance, cheese, wines,...

Behind all that are a lot of romantic visions.

But what if these visions were the foundation of a different way of living - "the french life style"?

French etiquette, which are the customs and rules governing behaviour as correct and acceptable in social and official life, belong to french education. We are told since childhood to respect basic politeness rules, which will have its impact in daily life.
Let's take as an example the way of sitting at the table during lunch or dinner.

We are told to sit straigth as if a little mouse would run down our back and a little cat was sleeping on our legs. And indeed, when you look at someone sitting this way, he/she sits straight and it looks elegant and respectful.

While growing up with these etiquette rules and many more, children integrate naturally positions, attitudes and manners.
They do become part of the persons behaviour and seem to be easily recognized when abroad in foreign countries.

You may just read "Savoir Flair" by Polly Platt to understand the perception we do have around the globe.

French paradox is the observation of low coronary heart disease death rates, although a high intake of cholesterol and saturated fats in addition to red wine consuming.

But here again, isn't it again "the control", as a result of our educational system, which infuences on these observations?

Medecine will give you a scientifical explanation ot the french paradox, but french lifestyle gives you an answer too.

Drinking and eating in controlled quantities and avoid snacking helps to give the body a balanced nutrition and is also the result of a "followed up" education.

As a conclusion, we can say that french etiquette is even more than the summary of social and official rules; it is also part of a controlled, balanced and natural way of living, which guides us daily in what to do, what to eat, how to do, what not to do and what not to eat, etc....

Adopting french lifestyle is also adopting a global attitude which starts in ourselves as a form of personal respect, which can then be conjugated in any life style situation.


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