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Diane Forster

L’expérience est-elle nécessaire?

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Not as a young company, our team of experts in web development has created many modules on e-commerce measurement and are experienced in building a module from module promotion code to the web application of customer relations.

L’expérience est-elle nécessaire?

Why is it important to refer to a business e - commerce experienced ? Perhaps a young company , composed of teams with members freshly released from the University, specializing in online technologies in strategic marketing and web design, is able to perform the same work that a company more experienced ? After all , their knowledge is more modern and suitable for today's market is not it?
Well ... not quite .
Like in every sector, academic learning is not enough to total mastery of the craft. The essential knowledge is obtained by pushing the boundaries and developing not only new strategies but also new offerings. There are two factors that drive drivers in a business e -commerce to grow in this way : deadlines and clients, and none of these features is actually studied at the University ...

In addition to technical experience, an experienced company in e -commerce has had time to select the best agents in this area so as to consolidate a qualified team ready to handle your e-commerce solution. In addition, business skills are a real asset in terms of design efficiency of an online store for an experienced company can advise on their experiences and experiences and tell you what works best and not what she heard.

It is also possible that the decisive factor in a commercial negotiation is the confidence. The confidence that you allocate when you decide to work with a professional company specializing in e- commerce is more important than if your partnership concerned a young company. As a result, you worry to obtain evidence of their clients on the quality of work and the relationships above.


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