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NEUROSKY: The brainwaves in action


NeuroSky has developed a cost effective bio sensor and signal processing system for the consumer market. Our wearable technology unlocks worlds of new applications such as consumer electronics, health, wellness, education and training.

The neurons that comprise the brain work on electrical impulses. The last century of neurological research has shown us that brainwaves of different wavelengths indicate different emotional states, like a focused awareness, a meditative state, or drowsiness. Brainwaves have been used in medical research and therapy for years. We're bringing it to the consumer world.

Attention meters is a reading of how attentive the user is feeling. Meditation meter is a reading of how relaxed the user is feeling.
They are two independent readings, so the user could for example be attentive and meditative at the same time.
Other emotions, including anxiety and drowsiness were also in the work.
Unlike competing products, it can't detect conscious thoughts and treats facial expressions as a noise, but it comes at a much cheaper price.

NeuroSky has created a game to demonstrate their product, which allows players to push objects such as cars or furniture by concentrating on them (attention), and to levitate objects by relaxing (meditation).
Movement and view control would still be done using conventional game controls.

Neurosky's hardware, the Think-Gear module, uses their patented dry-active sensor technology to read the brain signals. The electrodes of standard medical electroencephalography use a conductive gel to facilitate the reading of the signals. Dry-active sensor technology does not need such a gel and unlike medical EEG or Emotiv 's headset, which both use many electrodes, NeuroSky only uses one. This makes headsets based on NeuroSky technology very low cost, and easy to put on, but on another hand does not provide as much functionality as the Emotiv headset.

NeuroSky does not market directly to the public. Instead they license their technology (MindKit SDK license) to developers, then sell their components and headset to those licensed developers to bundle with their applications and place into the retail market. It is likely to be integrated into toys or other devices and not just as a PC peripheral.
Companies which have publicly announced they are working with NeuroSky include Sega Toys, Square Enix, Nokia, Uncle Milton, Mattel and Musinaut.

Judecca & Millennia

Judecca is a first-person shooter game utilizing NeuroSky technology, currently under development by Japanese game developer Square Enix. The game is said to contain certain game functions which will be keyed to the device's ability to measure a player's level of attention.

In addition to their "Think-Gear" line, Neurosky are also working on a more advanced version of their headset, named "Project Millennia" (Emotiv's competing product was named "Project Epoc"). Project Millennia includes head and eye tracking plus stereo sound, in addition to the EEG. Millenia projet comprend la tête et le suivi du regard, plus le son stéréo, en plus de l'EEG. Head tracking will be by Memsic accelerometers, and eye tracking will done with Eye-Com's eye tracking glasses.

Source: wikipedia & Neurosky.com


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